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Cadd2 chord

Dominant 7b9 Chords - Converting Drop 2 Chords.
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D suspended 2 Dsus2 Chord Chart

C 5; add9s; sus4
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Outside The Wall Pink Floyd.
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G add2: Another dreamy chord effect from the world of the add two color is ...
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gadd2 guitar chord.
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Cadd9 Chord Guitar Tips Electrical Wiring.
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Chords Used.
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Итак, CDEG - это Cadd2, потому что это аккорд C (CEG) с добавленной второй....
Соглашения об именах аккордов: add2 против add9 AnswaCode

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Dmaj7sus2 chord.
Dmaj7sus2 Chord

Show. ©... 2. 1. scales that sound good with a B/F# chord.
B/F# Chord

Cadd9 & Cadd2 Piano Chords.
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kunci gitar cadd9.
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Two octaves piano in c major.
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C7 C7., Cadd2/B Cadd9 Cadd9, Cadd9 Cadd9.
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