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File:Model-Uraeus Coat-Male-Roe.png.
File:Model-Uraeus Coat-Male-Roe.png - Gamer Escape's Final F

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4. Bought the Archon Throne for my Male Roe ffxiv.
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And Male Miqo'te inches should read 5'2.7"-5'8.2...
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File:Model-Weathered Boii Tunic-Male-Roe.png.
File:Model-Weathered Boii Tunic-Male-Roe.png - Gamer Escape'

Model-Anemos Seventh Heaven Top-Male-Roe.png.
File:Model-Anemos Seventh Heaven Top-Male-Roe.png - Gamer Es

Model-Butler's Jacket-Male-Roe.png.
File:Model-Butler's Jacket-Male-Roe.png - Gamer Escape's Fin

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File:Model-Heavy Steel Gauntlets-Male-Roe.png.
File:Model-Heavy Steel Gauntlets-Male-Roe.png - Gamer Escape

For final fantasy xiv online.
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Model-Roegadyn Harness-Male-Roe.png.
File:Model-Roegadyn Harness-Male-Roe.png - Gamer Escape's Fi

File:Model-Parrotbeak Mask-Male-Roe.png.
File:Model-Parrotbeak Mask-Male-Roe.png - Gamer Escape's Fin

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LGBT Male Roegadyn only LS looking for another Male Roe out there that want...
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Model-Direwolf Shirt of Striking-Male-Roe.png.
Model-Direwolf Shirt of Striking-Male-Roe.png - Gamer Escape

File:Model-Alliance Jacket of Aiming-Male-Roe.png.
File:Model-Alliance Jacket of Aiming-Male-Roe.png - Gamer Es